Innovations & Solutions

At CPPR, we seek out and create meaningful responses to partners’ complex challenges. These examples represent a variety of successful solutions.


DAISEY is a web-based shared measurement system that is highly flexible, customizable, and a secure individual-level data system designed to handle large-scale evaluations and collective impact analysis.

Screenshots of Daisey in different formats


The Integrated Referral and Intake System (IRIS) is a web-based, bi-directional referral communication tool used to help organizations connect the individuals and families they serve to the right resources in their community.

Iris helping you build healthy communities

Our Tomorrows

Our Tomorrows helps build resilient and thriving communities by illuminating values and ideas intrinsic to individuals living there. This facilitates a common purpose and identity among members of the community and creates energy for action. With the help of story-based research tools, we work alongside our partners to collect, examine, and make sense of community member experiences. Interpretation of these stories allows amplification of what is working while gaining a new understanding of what families need to thrive in their current circumstances.

Your Voice Matters

Kansas Future Fellows

Foresight and innovation with a purpose. Kansas Future Fellows is a unique program developed by CPPR. Future Fellows imagine—and act on—leading-edge strategies today that inspire Kansas children and families to dream and thrive in the future.

Foresight and innovation with a purpose

Grant Writing Resources

With support from the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF), CPPR offers free grant writing and technical assistance for nonprofit organizations, state associations/coalitions, school districts, state agencies, and tribal councils/communities in Kansas.

Partnering with communities for success

Graphic Recording

At events or meetings, our graphic recorder uses visual language–hand-drawn images artfully combined with key words and phrases–to capture in real time the major themes, big ideas, and goals shared during a gathering. The completed image is an engaging artifact of the work that helps people make connections, solve problems, and lead.

See your ideas take shape