Partnerships & Research

At CPPR, we tackle complex issues challenging our communities by building and partnering with many dedicated public agency professionals, non-profit service providers, and family members living and working in communities. We are the researchers and evaluators, the innovators and problem solvers, the builders and implementors, the risk takers and the champions that young children and families need right now and in the future.
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Assess & Explore

Clarity regarding current challenges begins by focusing on what is important, not necessarily expected. With clarity we achieve a foundation and inspire creativity. Using proven research techniques along with cutting-edge data science, we identify pathways toward solutions to address the needs of children and families.

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Engage & Energize Communities  

We partner with communities and organizations to create a world where families can thrive. We rally and guide our partners to see the changes that will transform social systems and support them to live out their values. We know we cannot control how this change occurs, and are comfortable confronting risk, ambiguity, and failure, not letting fear of them drive our choices. We work to help the people in these systems do the same.

Tech-Enabled Community Resilience

CPPR Associate Director Teri Garstka presented at the 2023 Good Tech Fest with Meaghan Kennedy of Orange Sparkle Ball.

Capturing an Experience

US Children's Bureau Webinar on Our Tomorrows and Sensemaker The CPPR Our Tomorrows team is partnering with organizations around the country to transform the lives of families. What sets this work apart? The ability to capture a whole experience and tap into a family's real-time needs.
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Innovate & Act

We know that big change requires a long-term vision and creative insight to see what levers to pull today to move us steadily toward a new vision. This often requires disengaging from current structures to grasp the heart of a problem. We facilitate the processes for partners to examine, reimagine, and actualize lasting, systemic change.

Big change requires a long-term vision and creative insight

Imagine Alternative Futures  

Hope is at the core of CPPR futures focus, because the future is unlimited–presenting potential pathways yet unknown and circumstances often beyond our control. We embrace futures thinking and strategic foresight methods to illuminate direction, adapt quickly, and move toward the future we desire.

Multiple Futures and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Exploring the Child Care Crisis: Multiple Futures and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships explores the variable social dynamics and business models of our present and ongoing child care crisis through specific

Examining the Present and Future of Child Care in Kansas

CPPR explores solutions to longstanding challenges within the social service sector, such as the cost of child care, high staff turnover, and low wages.