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CPPR celebrates 10 years of service

Since 2013, the Center for Public Partnerships and Research has worked with state agencies, non-profits, community coalitions, and service providers to build a world where families and children can thrive.

Tech-Enabled Community Resilience

CPPR Associate Director Teri Garstka presented at the 2023 Good Tech Fest with Meaghan Kennedy of Orange Sparkle Ball.

The National Association of Social Workers features KU’s Family Strong

In the December 2022-January 2023 issue of

The Paradox of Child Care Costs: A Case for Multiple Payers

The high cost and demand of child care and the financial struggles of child care providers may first appear as a paradox: How do child care providers struggle when families are paying so much and demand is so high?

Multiple Futures and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Exploring the Child Care Crisis: Multiple Futures and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships explores the variable social dynamics and business models of our present and ongoing child care crisis through specific

Capturing an Experience

US Children's Bureau Webinar on Our Tomorrows and Sensemaker The CPPR Our Tomorrows team is partnering with organizations around the country to transform the lives of families. What sets this work apart? The ability to capture a whole experience and tap into a family's real-time needs.

Examining the Present and Future of Child Care in Kansas

CPPR explores solutions to longstanding challenges within the social service sector, such as the cost of child care, high staff turnover, and low wages.

Using data as a collaborative tool for the child care crisis in Kansas

CPPR collaborated with the Institute for Policy and Social Research and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to create the Child Care Desert Map to show the disparity between child care need and access.

The McNair Scholar experience at CPPR

McNair Scholar Alexis Tibbits gains field experience with CPPR’s Applied Research Team

The Impact of Child Care Provider Services

CPPR was happy to be a partner in Child Care Aware of America’s Provider Appreciation Day campaign for 2022.

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