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CPPR utilizes unique approaches to help KDHE gather family voices

Change Makers: We amplify the voices of Kansas families. In partnership with KDHE, the CPPR team utilized unique ways to engage Kansas families to help inform the state’s Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) priorities for the next five years.

Sensemaking Elevates Families’ Voices

Change Makers: CPPR’s Our Tomorrows team gathers stories from Kansans. The experiences they share can help shape policy and programming decisions in our communities and across the country. In addition to collecting and sharing, the team hosts sessions to discuss trends and patterns revealed. 

Foresight: How our leaders build a better tomorrow for future generations

Better World: Wonder how change makers bring about a better world? Where are their heads? Where do they seek inspiration and wisdom?

Jackie Counts helps drive the future of early childhood in Kansas

Futures Thinkers: CPPR director, innovator, and futures thinker Jackie Counts was recently featured in an Early Learning Nation article. Check out how she is helping drive the future of early childhood in Kansas and catch a glimpse of where she seeks inspiration

CPPR'ers working to make resource hub equitable and inclusive

Change Makers: CPPR played a pivotal role in the relaunch of 1-800-Children. By connecting partners, providing project management and offering technical assistance, the team helped share this valuable, long-time Kansas resource with even more parents.

Exploring Targeted Universalism

Better World: CPPR is diving into the targeted universalism concept and exploring how it could help our partners realize their (our) visions. How could targeted universalism change the way you deliver services to children and families?

Lemonade for Life pilot approach was a success

Futures Thinkers: Adapting is our forte and when we join forces with partners who are willing to take the leap and try unorthodox solutions, we create communities that are just that much stronger and are equipped to make a difference for children and families.

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