Exploring Targeted Universalism

Better World: CPPR is diving into the targeted universalism concept and exploring how it could help our partners realize their (our) visions. How could targeted universalism change the way you deliver services to children and families?

The CPPR Social Justice Collective is prompting a discussion about the concept of Targeted Universalism with the CPPR team and are asking us to think about how we might apply this approach in our work at CPPR.

Jevan Bremby, research project coordinator, sees this framework as a way to help our partners realize their visions, like, “All children thrive” or “Every child enters school ready to learn.”

In these examples, he says, “You have to acknowledge that not all children are starting from the same place. For us to succeed in our goal, there have to be strategies we employ for certain groups. This means targeted strategies that aren't necessarily an equal distribution of services, but is equitable.”

 He hopes we can find ways to support our partners in grappling with these issues, finding ways to meet their broad goals by ensuring that everyone has the equitable and just supports they need.

“At CPPR, we are privileged to have the ear of the people who have the clout to make these decisions,” he says. “If we are not using our position to influence for good, or prompt them to ask more thoughtful, critical questions, I think we are abdicating our responsibility. My hope is that if we get enough people asking those kinds of questions, and being critical about those successes, that is how we ultimately change organizational culture and succeed in our mission.”

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