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KU lands grant to help transform foster system, keep children in the home

Better World: CPPR paired with outstanding partners and passionate community members are creating transformative solutions that will help us transition from a system that reacts to problematic home situations to one that provides resources and meets family and community needs to prevent children…

CPPR’s Incubation Process supports employees to make their ideas happen

Great Workplace: Innovation is nothing new at CPPR but there is now a formalized Incubation Process in place to support all staff as they dream big and grapple with that new idea or problem they have been mulling over for months or years.

CPPR’s unique program provides opportunities for statewide change around issues affecting children and their families

Future Thinkers: At CPPR, we are harnessing foresight to take on tomorrow’s challenges and create opportunities in Kansas. In September, CPPR launched the first structured, statewide network of ambassadors dedicated to futures thinking strategies for advancing solutions to problems experienced by…

Thriving Families, Safer Children: A new opportunity for systems transformation

Change Makers: Our partner acceleration work with Thriving Families, Safer Children allows us to collaborate with Kansas leaders to help transform our child welfare system into a child well-being system, focused on strengthening families and building resiliency, rather than separating families.

Our Tomorrows shares innovative practices with the world

Our Tomorrows creates change by elevating Kansans’ voices so they can shape our state’s policies and practices. They were recently invited to share their innovative practices with the world via an OPSI case study. Check it out below.

CPPR’s Role in COVID-19 Response Efforts

Better World: When COVID-19 turned our lives upside down, CPPR was enlisted to help our most vulnerable residents. Our strong relationships and ability to quickly pivot allowed us to collaborate with state partners in developing time-sensitive responses in support of families, essential workers,…

CPPR Welcomes Research Project Director

Futures Thinkers: We are thrilled to welcome Ithar Hassaballa to our director’s team. This experienced group is comprised of thought leaders in areas including complexity and futures thinking, early childhood and evaluation. Ithar complements the team with her strong background in global health,…

CPPR utilizes unique approaches to help KDHE gather family voices

Change Makers: We amplify the voices of Kansas families. In partnership with KDHE, the CPPR team utilized unique ways to engage Kansas families to help inform the state’s Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) priorities for the next five years.

Sensemaking Elevates Families’ Voices

Change Makers: CPPR’s Our Tomorrows team gathers stories from Kansans. The experiences they share can help shape policy and programming decisions in our communities and across the country. In addition to collecting and sharing, the team hosts sessions to discuss trends and patterns revealed. 

Foresight: How our leaders build a better tomorrow for future generations

Better World: Wonder how change makers bring about a better world? Where are their heads? Where do they seek inspiration and wisdom?

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